Idrija Lacemakers Association first organised the #Lacecollage campaign in the winter of 2020, when the coronavirus made everyday life difficult and interpersonal contact impossible. The original intention was to reconnect lacemakers, at least through electronic media. Many lacemakers felt part of the community again, and the first New Year's #Lacecollage campaign already had a good response.

Although intrapersonal contacts were later allowed again, the campaign remained and expanded its mission. It makes the pre-holiday days more beautiful. It connects bobbin, sewn lace and embroidery enthusiasts around the world. It also proves that we can make countless possible laces from a basic pattern just by combining different colours, bobbin lace techniques, used threads and bobbin accessories. That is proof that lacemaking is alive and worth encouraging. At the same time, it's interesting to watch lacemaking practices elsewhere in Slovenia and the world. So far, thread makers from Australia, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Malta, Croatia and Slovenia have joined the campaign.

Twice a year, the Idrija Lacemakers Association publishes an open call to participate in #Lacecollage action on its Facebook profile. It consists of basic patterns and instructions for participation. Each participant can transform a basic lace pattern, make lace and send photographs of her work. The Association then publishes the submitted photos and combines them into a collage at the end of the campaign. It is their way to symbolically connect the beautiful thoughts of participants and their rich lacemaking skills.

I have also actively participated in previous campaigns by sending photos and making the final collages. That's why I am proud to present the #Lacecollage action from my perspective. You can download and print my redesigned samples and try them out yourself. Of course, you can also make your basic patterns, drawn by Andreja Uršič, the President of the Idrija Lacemakers Association. The link to past collages and the individual lace participants is a treasure trove of lacemaking ideas.

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For the angel, I used seven pairs of Idrija 40 Cotton Thread and metallic gold thread of the same thickness. I found it particularly challenging to make a half-stitch, as I didn't feel like threading extra pairs of bobbins and had to keep removing and adding bobbin pairs while making a half-stitch of angel wings. If I were to make the angel again, I would have added one or two pairs of bobbins in the half-stitch. I believe it would redistribute threads more evenly.

I took photos of a few key points while making lace. You can see them in the photo gallery and photographs below.

You can download and print the customised pattern for the basic angel pattern by Andreja Uršič.

#ČIPKASTIKOLAŽ, mednarodna akcija Društva klekljaric idrijske čipke.
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obrazek iz novoletne akcije #čipkastikolaž 2022


I used four pairs of bobbins of Idrija 40 Cotton Thread, one pair of a metallized gold thread of the same thickness and one thinner pair of Thread that glows at night.

I took photos of a few key points while making lace. You can see them in the photo gallery and photographs below.

You can download and print the customised pattern for the basic face pattern by Andreja Uršič.

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And where can you access the official campaign? Here are links to individual photo galleries and each campaign's basic lace patterns.

I wish you to make good use of the rich treasure trove of ideas and join the new New Year's #Lacecollage campaign in December 2023. If you want to be among the first to know about the ongoing campaign, you can like the Facebook page of the Idrija Lacemakers Association or subscribe to the newsletter.

A lacemaker can never have too many lace patterns! I invite you to look for more of them.